Viva Ananda

Viva Ananda


Viva Ananda hired us to define, design and launch the new face of a growing mindfulness movement. The challenge was the complexity of the project and all of its moving parts. Our teams collaborated to manifest a clear, concise and cohesive brand identity that perfectly captured the essence of their newfound business model and vision.

What We Did

Brand Positioning, Brand Archetype, Brand Voice, Brand Platform, Brand Personality,Logo Design,

Marketing Collateral, Web Design, Social Media, Iconography, Keynote Template


Rani Sweis, Creative Direction
Hermes Mazali, Art Direction
Kathy Morgan, Copy Writing

We came into this with so many mixed ideas. The level of clarity and direction we ended up as a result of this process is priceless.


Our Approach.

Mindfulness is about stillness, movement, and the wisdom to recognize the difference. It’s finding simplicity and clarity in a digital age full of distraction. Viva Ananda welcomes you back to your center to find peace and harmony with the world around you. We wanted the brand that we created for Viva Ananda to be symbolic of the feelings and clarity that occur when people come in contact with it.

viva_s2_img_1 viva_s2_img_2 viva_s2_img_3

A clear and concise mission.

The brand workmark is a modified type that is based on Brandon Grotesque. The strong all caps typeface is the perfect balance to the joy and carefree feeling that the brand icon, a symbolic take on mindfulness. The font paring of Visuelt and Spectral continues the harmony of the brand. The natural greens promote healing while the gold and peach express the creation of wealth.

We just can’t explain it, but every time we look at the logo it just makes us feel happy. Best of all every single person who has seen
it can see themselves in it. This new identity is us exactly!

A tagline that sets the mood.

Mindfulness is about creating mental clarity and stillness. This tagline, derived from the translation of Viva Ānanda, is designed to help people understand and relate to the unfamiliar name and create a vision for all those who experience the brand.

Viva = Live in Spanish, Ānanda = Bliss in Sanskrit.

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