Replay Urgent Care

Replay Urgent Care


When the team behind Victorium decided to launch a medical clinic to service their athletes, they needed a brand name and identity worthy of their grand vision. The idea for an athlete urgent care emerged from the immediate medical needs and injuries of athletes, and the surprising lack of clinics that specializes in the treatment of them. They hired our team to help them build a brand around an athlete’s strength, passion, and will to win.

What We Did

Naming, Tagline, Messaging, Logo Design, Visual Identity System, Packaging


Rani Sweis, Brand Strategy,
Hermes Mazali, Art Direction
Emiliano Carbone, Design
Kathy Morgan, Copywriting

Our Challenge

Whether it’s for work or recreation, athletes demand more from their bodies than the majority of the population. So why should their healthcare clinic look and sound like everyone else’s?  We believed that it shouldn’t and we set out to create a brand language, name, and visual identity system that matches their commitment to the game.

A winning name and tagline.

The company’s mission is to get athletes back in the game as quickly as possible. Their team believes that no injury should ever keep an athlete from the game they love. We explored over 200 names and angles before landing on Replay.

Our perspective of accidents is that they’re an opportunity to catch your breath and come back ready for redemption. Winners don’t let injuries get in the way of their dreams. When an athlete comes to Replay, their world-class team will do everything in their power to return them to the game they love, sometimes even better than before, as if that injury never happened. By understanding the brand’s purpose and values we were able to come up with an evocative name that embodied all of these things.

We paired the name with the tagline Recover Like a Pro to match the winner’s journey while setting expectations for Replay’s patients.

medical-branding-phoenix Replay-urgent-care-branding medical-branding-phoenix

A logo with a competitive edge 🥇

Before designing the logo and identity system we immersed ourselves in the life of an athlete. We wanted to deeply understand everything about them. How they live, what they consume, how they think, and what motivates them. We drew inspiration from all the symbols and visuals that surround them on a daily basis and came up with the Replay Ribbon Wordmark. It’s dynamic and flexible just like an athlete and strong enough to stand on its own, without an icon.


The most electrifying color palette in medicine.

The same neutral medical palette just would cut it. Winners are bold, fueled by passion, and born to stand out. And since Replay is all about them, it needed to stand out from the rest as well. We chose a deep black to represent the exclusivity and prestige of the brand and paired it with an electric cyan to bring the knock out punch. The cyan is bold but since it’s in the blue family, it also highlights Replay’s dependability and friendly care.


A complete visual system

We designed a unique comprehensive visual system that makes the Replay brand instantly recognizable, even without its signature logo.





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