Renaissance Companies has spent the last 30 years building their reputation as the gold standard in construction. After a leadership transition, the new executive team began exploring a brand refresh to realign the company’s image with the company’s solid commitment to excellence. Renaissance and AtticSalt joined forces to paint the future identity of their brand and support the next generation of company growth.

What We Did

Brand Strategy
Brand Story

Logo Design
Identity Design
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Web Design


Rachel Smak, Photography
Fyresite, Web Development

Out with the old.

The essence of any great identity begins with its origin story, and a multigenerational organization like Renaissance left no shortage of history and inspiration. With the amount of emotion and storytelling built into the identity of such a longstanding organization, our biggest goal for this identity was to create something new and awe-inspiring while also honoring the legacy of its late founder.



Laying the foundation.

We were captivated by how perfectly the team’s approach aligned with its namesake – an era rooted in community, discovery, and continuous refinement. We sought to bridge the gap between the artistic vision and mathematical precision of the Renaissance way. This led to a concept we called The Art of Construction.

renaissance-moodboard renaissance-branding-inspiration renaissance-logo-design

Pillars of Excellence

Renaissance boasts a keen ability to adapt to any job size or challenge. Inspired by their versatility, we reimagined their existing R monogram to be just as dynamic as their skills. The Pillar of Excellence logo was meticulously crafted to transform in accordance with the Golden Ratio – a nod to Renaissance’s “Gold Standard” positioning and commitment to rise to any occasion.

The new monogram was designed to stand alone or alongside the brand’s new wordmark – a customized variation of Canela.



A new kind of site plan.

With the Arizona market being at its hottest, Renaissance is in growth mode. To help the team maintain their brand’s consistency across every new touchpoint, we created a detailed brand guide as stunning as the brand itself.

Construction Paper

09-Business-Cards 10-Stationery 14 stationery-rebrand digital-rebranding
Rebranded Stationery

Reconstructing the brand experience.

For a brand where visibility is critical, a new logo would only be scratching the surface. We expanded Renaissance’s mark to build a cohesive visual system that shows up in strength on a website, a job site, and everywhere in between. We partnered with Rachel Smak and Daniel Rojas to shoot a complete set of artistic imagery and a film is which is incorporated into Renaissance’s brand new digital experience. 

Construction Trailer Design - Renaissance

Red Rover

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