With a 200-year runway behind them, this European educational publisher set its sights on a brighter future for learners everywhere. Already an established name in Sweden’s education industry, NE looked to AtticSalt to position their new digital curriculum platform for launch in a saturated US market – the first stop in a worldwide rollout.

What We Did

Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Messaging Platform, Copywriting, Identity Design, Marketing Collateral, Web Design


Rani Sweis, Creative Direction
Kathy Morgan, Brand Support
Lauren Carr-Gasso, Messaging
David Mas, Art Direction

A personalized education launches every student toward endless possibility. Propello’s best-in-class learning platform makes it easy for students and educators chart their own course to a brighter future.

A Fun-Filled Itinerary

Today’s schools are facing uncharted territory every day, with educators braving a variety of turbulent challenges. Propello was created to fly alongside education professionals and help them navigate modern curricula with confidence.

It came as no surprise when the leadership team identified the brand with the Explorer archetype – Propello was determined to improve education’s trajectory and knew the first step was to reignite a love of learning in educators and students alike. Inspired by the brand’s name, childlike curiosity, and passion for new possibilities, we discovered the brand’s creative platform, Sky’s the Limit.

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Our Flight Path

Propello envisions a world where every student has the tools to achieve their fullest potential, so we created a visual system that leads the way. The brand’s logotype and icon are distinctly approachable yet tech-forward, designed to tie the brand to its high-flying purpose.

PR-Logo-Design-Austin Texas

Passing The Competition With Flying Colors

With a mission to help the company soar past the competition, we leaned into light-hearted imagery and color branding to land the brand securely in the minds of its target audiences. A signature Propello Purple palette captured attention in a market of institutional competitors, sparking wonder and whimsy in every destination. Imaginative, outcome-focused language carried the brand’s story through every step in the customer journey, while dynamic patterns & hand-drawn elements kept the focus on a higher trajectory.


Nothing About this Brand Flies Under the Radar.

Branding-Agency-Austin Color-Branding 0_PR-Stickers Branding Illustration Austin-branding-agency
Brand Elements

Designed to Delight At Every Destination. No Translator Required.

The US market is Propello’s first stop in a journey to become the global standard for educational curricula. From typography that adapts to almost every language, to universally accessible platform colors and design elements, every detail was carefully crafted to set the brand up for long-term success. After a thorough test flight to test and perfect each component, we were ready to implement them across all the deliverables needed to launch this extraordinary brand.


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