There is no bigger compliment than a referral from a happy client – which was the case when Red Rover recommended us to one of their partners, Edustaff. Already the largest privately owned substitute staffing agency in the country, Edustaff set their sights on something bigger – a national brand presence to match.

What We Did

Brand Story, Messaging & Copy, Tagline, Logo Design, Visual Identity, UI/UX, Web Design, Print Design, Ad Design


Rani Sweis, Creative Direction
Kathy Morgan, Brand Strategy
Rafael Gilde, Art Direction
Bruno Barny, Art Direction
Hermes Mazali, Designer
Lauren Carr-Gasso, Copywriting

Our Challenge

As one of the largest education staffing agencies in the country, we knew Edustaff was doing something right. Even though their identity was outdated, it still had some major equity. We didn’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater – we researched Edustaff’s history and put together a winning strategy before going into design. This allowed us to paint a brighter future for the brand while honoring its humble beginnings.  

Our Approach

In our Brand Seasoning Workshops, we defined Edustaff’s archetype as The Servant Achiever. Their core purpose is to empower every district with the resources they need to thrive. Every staff member believes in the company’s values of servanthood, excellence, and wholeheartedness. We sought to find a common denominator between the idea of scholarly achievement, celebration, and the tools that give Edustaff districts a winning advantage. This lead to a theme we called Graduating To Better.

EDI_branding MB1 EDI_branding MB3 EDI_branding MB2

A logo with a Ph.D.

The graduation cap proved a key element of their previous identity. We wanted to keep its essence because it rightfully symbolized Edustaff’s specialization in education and the success they help their districts achieve. The reimagined “Cap and Gown” logo is an abstract and geometric interpretation, better suited for today’s digital landscape. 

What’s E.D.U. Staff? Edustaff had answered this question more times than they could count. The capitalized “EDU” in the former name made for an unnecessary mouthful, which we knew could be remedied with a dash of smart design. A simple letter case change helped Edustaff eliminate customer confusion and ensure a delightful first impression for new partners.


Don't stop the party.

Speaking of today’s digital landscape, great companies go unnoticed every day among the noise and distraction of the internet. A new logo was not enough for Edustaff’s brand to cut through. We kept the celebration going by infusing their signature blue and gold color palette with a fresh new energy. Then we amplified it with a vibrant expansion of new accent colors and a custom illustration style to give their brand room to grow. 


Next level sheet.

Stationery-edustaff brand-collateral-stationery Edu_Email Signature

Brand Activation

Edustaff’s new warm, achievement-oriented language helped to thread the brand’s essence throughout all aspects of the visual and verbal system. These visual and verbal elements came together to create a cohesive, flexible, and dynamic brand for use across various applications.



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