After becoming the nation’s largest K12-focused technology reseller through a series of mergers & acquisitions, Bluum (formerly Trox) was left with a mix of sub-brands, disjointed subcultures, and an internal identity crisis.

Their existing business model positioned them as a value-added reseller of technology products – a commoditized category that failed to capture their grand vision. They knew that in order to transform the future of education they needed to stand united, so they came to us to find their focus and reposition themselves as the purpose-driven catalyst of transformative learning outcomes.

What We Did

Brand Naming, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Identity Design, Marketing Collateral, Web Design


Rani Sweis, Creative Direction
Kathy Morgan, Brand Support
Lauren Carr-Gasso, Messaging
Elias Mule, Art Direction
Diogo Rosa, Motion

A great education opens the door to a world of opportunity. As one of the largest brands in EdTech, Bluum makes brighter futures more accessible to all.

A Name & Identity Rooted in Strategy

We kicked off our journey from chaos to clarity with a week-long strategy retreat, involving key stakeholders from each of the company’s sub-entities to establish a united path forward. After doing our homework to understand the company’s roots, pain points, and goals, we unearthed our core creative concept: Together We Grow

Using in-depth market research as our strategic groundwork, we brainstormed hundreds of names to ensure we picked the brightest of the bunch. Our research led us to discover Bloom’s Taxonomy – a fundamental learning model in every educator’s toolkit. Did someone say “eureka”?

A name rooted in education theory and limitless potential, it was time for Trox to BLUUM.

Case-Studies_bluum_06 Case-Studies_bluum_04 Case-Studies_bluum_03

Taking The Logo to New Heights

An agile brand mark that’s ready for take-off. As the only bird that can hover and fly in all directions, this hummingbird logo symbolized Bluum’s wisdom and agility in a constantly evolving industry. This logo prepared the Bluum brand to soar in education and beyond.



Building a Brand Ecosystem

After sifting through the weeds of the brand’s complex architecture, we established a simplified branded house. By introducing a sub-brand for their enterprise consumers, we helped the parent brand zero in on their education specialty without alienating their corporate and government audiences.

Going Green

Case-Studies_bluum_11 08-Brochures_OP1_Bluum Case-Studies_bluum_12
Brand Collateral

Designed To Grow With You

Bluum helps students and educators thrive in every season. To keep up with a company that’s constantly evolving, we created a visual system that easily adapted to any digital or analog environment. Flexible geometric patterns make way for endless imagination. Consistent icon styles keep Bluum prepared for any subject. Interactive packaging allows you to open up new possibilities — literally.



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