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Write a Mission Statement That’s Worth a Damn.

Plain and simple, a strong mission statement is one of the most critical pieces of your brand because it is meant to answer the BIG question: Why does my brand exist?

In our line of work, we commonly encounter entrepreneurs that forget one key element – purpose. And no, it’s not just to make money!

Too many companies are started on the basis of a good idea, but with very little meaning or reasoning behind it, other than the idea itself. However, companies and people are not driven by product ideas alone. They require a powerful mission they can get behind. People also spend decades defining the purpose of their own lives which may make writing a mission statement for their company seem all the more impossible.

The good news is that it is much easier than we make it. Every great mission follows a simple formula that contains most, if not all, of these four key elements. Work through them and you will be on the fast track to writing a mission statement with a backbone.

1. The Motive. A great mission statement should light a fire in your belly. Building a company is exciting, but it isn’t always fun. A mission backed by passion is what motivates the organization and keeps everyone coming back to work, even when the going gets tough. Having trouble with this?

TIP: Ask yourself: “Would we still be doing this if we weren’t getting paid, and why?”

If the answer is no, then perhaps you need to rethink your business.

2. Accountability. Checklists are all the hype these days. Think of your mission statement as a daily, weekly, and monthly accountability partner. You should be able to read it and ask, “Did I accomplish this today?” or “Does adding this new product/service still allow us to accomplish our mission?”

TIP: Don’t ever add things to sell just because it may lead to more immediate revenue. The loss in focus on your mission will cost you more than you will make in the long run.

3. The Who. Without your audience it would be nearly impossible for your brand to exist. Who stands to gain the most from your brand? Is it the planet, children in Africa, or Phoenix Lady bosses? Don’t forget to include them in your mission.

TIP: You can be everything to a small group of people or you can be nothing to everyone. Stay focused. The riches are in the niches.

4. The Solution. What’s more important than calling out your audience is addressing what you can do for them. What are their pain points, desires, aspirations? How do you help them alleviate their pain or reach their ideal selves?

TIP: Make a shortlist of all the ways you help your audience. Then choose the most important one or sum them all up concisely in one bullet point.

Don’t over-complicate the mission by wanting to include marketing strategies, business goals, operations, and your firstborn. A great mission should be simple, memorable, and inspired. Most of all it should be a daily reminder of why you started in the first place.

Still, need help crafting the perfect mission? Read Mission Statements from The World’s Top Brands or contact us to schedule a consultation.

By Rani Sweis Feb 16, 2020
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