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Choosing The Perfect Brand Name

A company name is the first point of contact with consumers. It should should be strong, memorable, and, most importantly, relevant.

Great names are like Jedi Knights. They inspire creativity among your team, sub-consciously attract customers to your brand and punch them right in the feelings. The best product and company names are emotionally distinct and represent the ultimate process of boiling a companies ideas, values, and offerings down into a word or two.

Some names may appear to have been the result of sorcery or witch craft, but it is possible to develop names that are dynamic, effective and fully leverage a brand’s potential if you have the right process in place. A process that is clear, insightful, logical and focused will lead to a name and tagline that are powerful components of your brand strategy, and pave the way for buy-in throughout your organization.

1. Identify your goals

There are reasons to invest in naming your company. Before you begin, it is essential to decide what you want your new product or company name to do for you. To make that decision, you need to understand the possibilities. A name can:

– Differentiate your company
– Reinforce your unique positioning
– Create a lasting impression with your audience
– Inspire curiosity and spark a conversation
– Provide a surplus of marketing & advertising ideas
– Capture your brand’s story
– Dominate an industry

2. Discover & Define

At AtticSalt, we believe that brand nomenclature should always include immersion and discovery; in order words, deep self reflection. Before you start throwing names around you need to clearly identify what the brand offers, for whom, and what makes it different than its competition. Most importantly you will need to define the brand’s values and its reason for existence.

3. Mindmap

With the brands purpose and goals in mind you’re now properly equipped to intelligently map out a direction for your brands namesake.

Using a pen and paper or white board start brainstorming any and everything name that comes to mind to label your brand. Don’t contain yourself to one direction. Let go of the outcome and just write down everything that comes to mind. Your goal is to get ideas out of your head and in a place we you can see distinct connections to ::brand’s mission::, values, offerings etc.

4. Evaluate and Refine

When considering potential names for your company, product or service, it is vital that the process be kept as objective as possible. Avoid personal biases and start identifying the strongest names/directions while eliminating the weakest. Try to focus on ::high concept names:: with greater meaning over descriptive names like “The Tire Shop”. Functional names can quickly communicate your brand’s offerings but lack any personality or story that customers yearn for in brands.

Hiring a professional can help eliminate the most common mistake of choosing or rejecting a name based on personal bias and help set up your brand for success.

5. Testing

We believe every successful names has 9 important characteristics. Once you and your decision-makers have identified the top 5-10 best names you can create a list or matrix and evaluate whether or not they meet these vital qualities. This matrix helps avoid subjectivity and choose the name with the strongest qualities.

By Rani Sweis Dec 04, 2019
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