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The American Brand.

This year our team is celebrating America a little differently. Instead of getting wasted and nearly blowing our fingers off (of course, we still might do that too) we’re reflecting on some of the things that make America great. Coincidentally, these are some of the same attributes that make brands successful.

  1. The founders.
    Every disruptive brand begins with visionary leaders who seek something better than what currently is. Similar to Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and Otto Frederick Rohwedder, our country’s founding fathers had a vision of something better; a nation independent from the rule of an unjust king.
  2. A clear vision.
    If you read the Declaration of Independence it clearly states the principles on which our government, and our identity as Americans, are based. There’s no mincing of words or uncertainty about it. The vision for America is crystal clear. It’s no wonder why this American dream has withstood the test of time and is celebrated year after year.
  3. Strong positioning.
    Nearly every sporting event begins with a reminder of our beginnings as a nation and the struggles our ancestors had to overcome to allow us the freedom that we are privileged with today. The anthem concludes with a bold statement to remind the world that America is “The Land of The Free.”
  4. A meaningful logo.
    More than just a flag, our star spangled banner is globally recognized by nearly every man, woman, and child on earth. It’s simple, memorable and just like every properly constructed brand, it symbolizes the most important thing our nation stands for.
  5. Brand guidelines.
    The United States Constitution is a strict, but amendable, document that was created to ensure our country remains properly governed in accordance with our original vision. It also helps limit the control of our governing party to avoid misuse of power.

All in all, America is a pretty incredible brand, isn’t it! From myself and the AtticSalt team, we wish you a happy Independence day this Thursday. Celebrate it with pride!

PS – Don’t mind my grammar. I wrote this while watching the USA defeat the English in the Women’s World Cup Semi-Finals. Kinda ironic isn’t it?

By Admin Jul 03, 2019
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