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The Two-Step Formula for a Successful Rebrand

Have you ever heard of the 10,000 hours rule? 

Often attributed to Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, it goes a little something like this: It takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of complex skills and materials, like playing the violin or getting as good as Bill Gates at computer programming.

Whether it’s a classical musician, Bill Gates, or any of the other rags-to-riches stories circulating around the zeitgeist, we often over-emphasize the role of luck in someone’s “big break”. 

Sure, being in the right place at the right time plays a part in someone’s success, but what’s often missing from the gleaming headlines is the countless hours of work that led them to the edge of glory. Even the person who wins the lottery probably buys a thousand duds before striking it rich.

Successful brands, like successful people, don’t just happen. Here’s the formula:

Start with Process

As with any goal, achieving it requires a sound plan of action. For your brand identity, this starts with brand strategy. 

Prospects often come to us expecting to get their brand off the ground in a month or two flat. It can’t take that long to design a new logo, right? Sure. But in today’s digital clutter, a quick logo change doesn’t answer the fundamental question on every consumer’s mind: Why should I care? 

Don’t become so focused on racing across the finish line that you sacrifice creating a brand with longevity. A beautiful logo is useless if people don’t pay attention to it.

Making people care starts with one thing: disruptive storytelling. A comprehensive discovery process helps you to uncover key insights about your company’s offering and position in the market to tell a story that stops your consumers in their tracks. Equipped with knowledge of what makes your company truly unique, your brand identity team can begin to establish the through-line that will bring every component of your visual and verbal language together to clearly, consistently, and delightfully articulate your brand’s value. 

By rooting every step in your rebranding process in sound strategy, you create a cohesive experience that allows you to shape a strong narrative around your brand.

Find a Master of One

In researching Malcolm Gladwell’s theories of success, I came across a podcast where Anders Ericsson (the main researcher in the 10,000 hour rule study) suggested that the only thing as influential as the amount of time you invest in mastering your craft is having a good teacher.

“Ericsson’s research suggests that someone could practice for thousands of hours and still not be a master performer. They could be outplayed by someone who practiced less but had a teacher who showed them just what to focus on at a key moment in their practice regimen,” – EdSurge

If there’s anything to take away from the 10,000 hour rule, it’s that truly mastering something takes time and focused effort. 

As the perfect mix of behavioral science, business strategy, creative storytelling, and elegant design, a successful brand identity is no act of chance. A rebrand is a big investment, so it’s important to choose a partner who has this balancing act down to a science. Working with a team that specializes in brand identity harnesses a wealth of knowledge into focused guidance to help your brand cut through the clutter and tell your story masterfully. 

Of course, like any change, your new brand reveal might sometimes feel like an act of faith. But with sound strategy and a team of experts as your safety net, taking big leaps doesn’t have to feel risky. 

By Lauren Carr-Gasso Mar 15, 2022
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