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Phoenix Startup Week 2018: A Look Back

At Phoenix Startup Week 2017 last year, a connection was made between AtticSalt founder Rani Sweis and me (at the time I was partner at BRANDish Social Media). I was part of a panel session discussing how to use social media in practical, applicable ways for business, and I met Rani, who was in attendance. We decided to grab some beers and appetizers and I’m proud to say that, not only did I convince Rani to FINALLY publish his long-considered blog post about Christianity being the greatest brand ever, but our friendship was born.

Fast forward a year, and our friendship inspired the acquisition of Brandish by AtticSalt. With a redefined, laser-targeted focus on tech and health branding and social media marketing in place, it only makes sense that we returned to Startup Week in 2018 to bring our unique presence to the event.

Here’s a quick recap from this year:

Coffee was a must.

The days started early, so the presence of this hot, tasty nectar of the gods from local brewers Cultivate Coffee was a welcome sight.

#CultivateMore was a perfect hashtag

The calm before the storm.

Halloween in February? NOPE! It’s Phoenix Startup Week!

We’ll do it live.

The Pop-Up Podcast Studio was my home for roughly 72% of the week (but our buddy Raz from ZCast spent 100% of his time here).

Medical + Technology = MEDTECH Startups

It’s a huge industry not just here in Arizona, but worldwide, where many people and companies are attempting to solve big problems…and succeeding.

The blockchain is hot!

Easily one of the biggest sessions and days overall for the entire week, and we were there for it.

We asked Startup Week attendees a crazy question…

…and you won’t believe their answers! (h/t to Buzzfeed for the headline inspiration, and to TMZ for inspiring the video below)

You can’t spell “BRANDING” without R-A-N-I

Literally, it’s not possible. Figuratively, he knows his sh-t. He also crushed his preso and made sure that the attendees of his session left with a solid understanding of what branding is all about.

We’re already excited for next year…see you there.

By Rani Sweis Feb 28, 2018
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