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Rebranding Explained: It’s like reconstructive surgery with pictures and words.

One wrong move your company can flatline right on the operating table.

Ok, maybe that is a little dramatic but there is a lot of truth in that.

We recently got an inquiry from a world-renowned reconstructive surgeon who was facing a brand challenge. He and his team were smart enough to recognize they had a brand problem. However, they have never undergone a branding procedure before.

I got creative in order to explain branding to their team in a way they would understand. Coincidentally, it opened up my eyes up to a whole new perspective on our craft.

When I gave them our price point they openly expressed confusion.
“We’ve been getting a wide range of proposals, costing from 600 to 60k. How do you explain that?” They asked.

My response even surprised me a little.

I’m sure if I went down to Guatemala for the weekend to do reconstructive surgery on my face. I would find a surgeon who would be willing to do it for $600. However, if I came to Dr. Suess (obviously not the Doctor’s real name) he would charge $60,000 for a 6-hour procedure. That’s an outrageous rate of $10k an hour!

Why though? Because he’s earned that price point. He graduated from a prestigious med school, performed many successful operations, and has an excellent reputation from hundreds of happy patients.

Relatively speaking, so have we.

You’ll always find designers, crowdsourcing sites or so-called marketers that are willing to devalue the craft in order to get their beak wet. Very few may actually be a diamond in training but would you really want to bet your practice and reputation on that?

Of course not. The same way I would not risk this handsome mug of mine to just any surgeon. Some people do though and they end up paying for it. If finances allow it, they spend the rest of their lives in search of a surgeon to undo what the first one screwed up. Unfortunately, some mistakes just can’t be fixed and you end up with a face that looks a lot like a Spam sandwich.

To make matters worse, the damage transcends the surface. Some patients experience a lack of confidence, depression or despair for the rest of their lives.

Your brand identity is the face of your company. Unfortunately, some people can be cruel and most are judgmental. Most of them even before experiencing your business. If you read reviews on Yelp you’ll see that many of them have not even made a purchase from a business, yet still needed to make their pre-purchase assumptions known.

Don’t blame it on social media or the post-internet world we live in. This is not to blame. We are. And by we, I mean human beings. Factually speaking, people make judgments about your company’s name and logo in four-tenths of a second. The words, colors and shapes you use to describe it are a huge factor to the success and failure of how your brand is perceived.

So Doctor, back to the cost of branding, how much is your success worth to you?

By Rani Sweis Nov 27, 2019
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