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BTS: Pawgo’s Rebrand and Photoshoot.

Over the weekend I got hit with a dose of nostalgia and I spend most of my Sunday morning reflecting on past projects. A question I get very often is which AtticSalt project is your favorite?

And every time, I actively try to choose one, but I never can. The only thing I can bring myself to say is, “How do you pick your favorite child?”

Branding is like raising kids.

As a branding agency, when a client first enters our lives they come to us like babies or puppies– full of unfocused energy, looking to us for guidance on how to navigate successfully into the world.

Anyone who has more than one can tell you that no two are exactly alike. Even if they’re twins. They have their individual personalities, strengths, and weaknesses and they all require different needs. Nonetheless, you love and nurture them both equally. That’s how I personally feel about every single one of the brands we create.

However, there is one that brings a smile to my face every time I see one of their vans drive by. In fact, I receive picture messages every time one of my friends sees one too.

Want to join in on the fun? Tag us on Instagram every time you see one too. #PawgoInTheWild

Official Pawgo Wrapped Van

For the love of Dog!

If you know my wife and I, you know that we are obsessed with Niko.
And yes, he has his own Instagram.

So when Arizona’s largest dog groomer (Formerly know as Galloping Groomer) reached out to us for a rebrand my inner tail wag was in full effect.

Our team helped Galloping Groomer increase dispatch call efficiency by eliminating calls requesting horse grooming.

We also crafted a fun visual identity to bring more personality into the brand in order to attract more Millenials. See the full case study here.

During strategy, we uncovered that the brand’s personality is fun, gentle, and dependable. As a part of this new visual identity, we aimed to tell the narrative of what it’s like to be a dog getting pampered by Pawgo.

Coming back to the idea that every human has their own personality, so do dogs. We aimed to have that individuality shine through in this brand. There was no way stock photography was going to be enough for Pawgo. So we did what any dog-loving branding team would do– we put out a casting call for Furry Models.

Chaos ensued.

This should be easy, right?!

We’ve organized and coordinated plenty of photoshoots. How much more harder could this be?! TLDR version: A LOT!

We certainly didn’t think it was going to easy, but it turned out to be much harder than we thought.

We put out a casting call through our social channels, and the response was nuts. Since the only payment for the shoot was a copy of your dog’s mugshot and a chance they would be featured on Pawgo’s new vans, I thought for sure we’d only get a few interested friends to take part (almost as a favor to me).

I was wrong! Over a hundred emails instantly cluttered my inbox. All of which were pushing and selling me on the reasons that we should feature their dog. Guess I’m not the only one obsessed with my pup.

This lead to some tough conversations where I had to fill in 90+ people on the harsh reality that their furbabies were not as photogenic as they’d like to think. Good news is we had 10 really great models for shoot day.

Branding shoot day.

The morning of shoot day I was giddy with exciting. I mean, I was going to spend the day with some of the cutest pups in town. And I get paid to do it? Score!

But after the first dog model arrived, I quickly learned that I was going to earn that paycheck. And it didn’t matter how obedient the dogs were. All the training in the world kinda goes out the window when you have lights flashing in your face and a set full of people and treats. Even Niko, the little buddy who I trained like an army sergeant, refused to sit for photos.

All in all, shoot day was about 12 hours with 10 different dogs staggered at 10 different shoot times. By the end of the day both Niko and I were completely spent!

Good news?! We got the shots and it was all worth it.

Check out the full Case Study to see some of the final shots and be sure to visit to schedule your next groom.

By Admin Mar 08, 2021
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