The Joint Chiropractic

The Joint Chiropractic


When America’s most disruptive Chiropractic franchise needed to make a splash in the market they sought the help of Nucleus Marketing Lab to diagnose the symptoms. Turned out they just needed some clever creative to help that stand out. That’s when Nucleus brought us in.

What We Did

Identity Design,
Advertising Campaign.


Rani Sweis, Creative Direction
Hermes Mazali, Art Direction
Copywriter, Troy Pottgen, Narwhal
Storyboard Artist, Jill Winterbottom

Brand disruption starts with a company’s willingness to push the boundaries. That is when the real magic happens on a campaign.

A quest for the best campaign

Many times clients think we just have a campaign ready for them when they coming knocking. Although we wish it was the case, the truth is that brilliant ideas are a result of many failed attempts. We turn over ever rock until we find the beautiful gems.

The truth is, brilliant ideas are the result
of many failed attempts. We turn over every rock
until with find the beautiful gems.

tjc-sc1 tjc-sc2 tjc-sc3

A bold campaign that will stop people dead in their tracks.

Most medical practices are so buttoned up and conservative so it wasn’t difficult to stand out from the rest. Using a bold new color palette and provocative imagery we landed on the perfect balance to put The Joint Chiropractic way ahead of its competition.

tjc-sl1 tjc-sl2
Digital Campaign

Pain does not discriminate and neither does this campaign.


To those who take the risk, do the dare, and try the difficult, we salute you. And we’re ready for you. Because if things don’t go great, our doctors of chiropractic can get you the relief you need without costly procedures, medication, referrals or insurance.
The Joint Chiropractic. It’s your move.



Creating a bold and interactive brand experience for the most disruptive B2B marketing tool on the market. Explore Case Study

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