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Skor is driven by its commitment to create products that defend an active man’s skin from all of nature’s toughest elements. There are many skin care products on the market for men. Skor is the first one that actually creates winning skin from the inside out. We call it Total Body Defense.

What We Did

Logo Design, Web Design, Tagline, Brand Positioning,
Brand Voice, Visual Identity System

Marketing Collateral,
Packaging, Photography
Social Media Content


Rani Sweis, Creative Direction
Hermes Mazali & Steffan Stewart,
Art Direction
Johanna Silva, Photography

How might we create a disruptive brand for a product line the captures the attention of the quintessential sophisticated active man?

A winning name with an edge.

Since these products we to be consumed by men who constantly strived for achievement, we needed a strong name with a winning attitude. We landed on the name Skor. It’s symbolic of the small actions it takes to win and it is reflective of its dual purpose to protect a man’s SKin and coRE).

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Main Logo

Introducing The Keeper.

In many sports the goalie, aka the goal keeper, is one of the most important positions. We explored so many sports-related concepts and symbols in order to create Skor’s signature mark. The minute the pen hit the paper on this beauty we know we were looking at a winner.

Branded social content.

Being that Skor had launched as a direct to consumer product it was important that their Instagram feed was also consistent with the brand. Our team design and photography team built custom photography sets in order to capture this bold masculine appeal of Skor’s product line.




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