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Power Connector


PowerConnector is a marketing platform helps B2B sales teams rapidly establish warm connections with exclusive, untapped leads. Their own rapid growth created a disconnect between the quality of the product and their online identity. They partnered with our team to help them create cohesive identity that clearly expresses their personality and tells their story.

What We Did

Logo Design, Brand Voice, Tagline, Brand Positioning,
Visual Identity System, Website Design

Marketing Collateral,
Packaging, Poster Design
Social Media Content


Rani Sweis, Brand Strategy
Hermes Mazali, Art Direction
Kathy Morgan, Content Strategy

You guys did such an incredible job on this. Now all we have to do is not screw this up!

Solutions you can trust.

Creating an extraordinary rebrand for PowerConnector was easy because they gave us full creative freedom to do what we do best. The real challenge came in figuring out how reposition their brand to cater to the evolving office demographic. The old brand resembled IBM circa 1990. It worked for the boiler room sales teams of the past but that audience has changed drastically in the last 5 years. That meant that PowerConnector needed to adapt.

DSC_4472 B2b-rebranding-agency interactive-design-phoenix

Papa’s got a brand new bag!

PowerConnector is about one thing; Connecting sales professionals with new prospects at lightning speeds. The systems automation also makes staying top of mind easier than ever before. During design our team explored many interesting avenues.

The PowerConnector brand mark was inspired by the nut and bolt; a simple yet powerful tool that firmly holds things 1000x its size together. Within the logo you’ll find three prominent people in the forefront with three more hidden in negative space.


Logo - Before & After

Our people make us powerful.

In our discovery process, we identified that PowerConnector’s real competitive advantage was the passion of its people. Even though the system works like gangbusters, their real competitive advantage is their team’s genuine passion for helping businesses grow.

This valuable insight helped our team craft a complete visual system that captures the personality, professionalism, and fun-loving culture of the company. Then we implemented that system across every brand touch point for brand cohesion and consistency. (Warning: Bad pun ahead)

From business cards and marketing collateral all the way down to a new digital presence, we connected all of the dots in their brand ecosystem.


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