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Nobody was more excited about this new project than Niko, our Director of Barketing. Galloping Groomer contacted us in need of a strategic brand overhaul of the 40-year-old mobile dog grooming company. Using technology, and service, they set out to completely disrupt and streamline the grooming industry and create a new standard in pet care.

What We Did

Logo Design, Web Design, Tagline, Brand Positioning,
Visual Identity System

Marketing Collateral,
Vehicle Wrap
Social Media Content


Rani Sweis, Creative Direction
John Worthen, Art Direction
Tara Majuta, Copy Writing

AtticSalt stood out in their competence and understanding of the subject matter and backed it up with solid execution.


The Challenge.

Hiring a stranger to care for your furry babies is a very emotional decision. The problem is that ‘logistics’ and ‘technology’ don’t quite give you the warm and fuzzies. They challenged us to create a fun, friendly, and gentle experience you receive from a local pet groomer while communicating the reliability and convenience of a new tech-based business model.

pawgo_s2_img1 pawgo_s2_img2 pawgo_s2_img3

A name to bark about.

After our detailed and elaborate discovery phase it become clearly evident that a new name was in order. Galloping Groomer received several calls each day inquiring about equine services. Since horse grooming was definitely not on the menu a new name was in order.

After some serious name exploration we landed on Pawgo. An invented yet experiential name that paints the picture of a life filled with adventure and wanderlust for our four-legged friends.

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Brand - Before & After

That’s a wrap!

Being that the Pawgo Van was the brands most prominent visual it was important that it captured peoples’ attention. We wanted to make certain that anyone who saw the Pawgo vans immediately understood that their pets were in great hands and that we’re the cleanest in the business.

s8_sl_1 s8_sl_2 s8_sl_3 s8_sl_4

A doggy-style photo shoot.

This may have been most adorable photoshoot we have yet to produce and itwas a crucial piece to bringing this identity to life. Every pet owner appreciates and cherishes their dog child’s unique personality. Just like people, every dog is different in their own way. We decided to let that personality shine through the photography and design execution of this brand.



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