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Nu Home Connect


Most real estate brokerage brands are based on the machismo of their original founders. All they care about is a high-class brand that satisfies their ego and goes along with their fancy clothes and their beemers. New home buyers don’t care about any of that. They simply want a realtor they can trust who will put them first and get them the best deal on their dream home. That’s where Nu Home Connect comes in.

What We Did

Naming, Tagline, Messaging, Logo Design, Visual Identity System


Rani Sweis, Creative Direction
Hermes Mazali, Art Direction
Emiliano Carbone, Design
Kathy Morgan, Copywriting

The AtticSalt team dove into our goals and then created a brand that’s completely different from every other real estate company.

OWNER, NuHome Connect


Our Approach

We’ve all heard it many times before, “Home is where the heart is.” It’s about new beginnings, family, and making memories that you will cherish forever. However, competing agents and brokers are out of touch with that reality.  You’ve seen their social self-promotion and it’s mostly about themselves, how many awards they’ve won, and where they rank on the sales leaderboard.

The team at Nu Home has the emotional intelligence to recognize that most family buyers don’t care about any of that. They want an agent who genuinely cares about their future. And they want an honest, convenient and positive buying experience. That’s what we aimed to capture that in Nu Home brand.

real-estate-branding-process branding-photography-phoenix real-estate-branding-process

A logo that puts buyers front and center.

The client’s desired outcome was a logo that made it 100% clear that the brand was about real estate. Our challenge was incorporating the signature storytelling and symbolism that our clients choose us for. In our workshops with the NHC team, we discovered that there are three parties that are involved in the purchase of every new home –the seller, the broker/agent, and the buyer.

Traditionally the process is stacked in favor seller and the chosen brokerage is the one who is the most equipped to gouge the buyer for as much money as they can. Then both the seller and broker run to the bank so fast to count their chips, never to be seen or heard from again. The buyer is the sucker in the whole thing who left hanging to dry.

Nu Home flips this archaic model on its head and puts the buyer “front and center”. Sellers and brokers still make a profit, but it’s based on fairness and transparency. By putting the buyer first, the process becomes a win-win-win for all parties.


Warm and friendly is just our type.

Clients who’ve worked with us now understand the importance of selecting just the right typeface. Much like a person, every brand has a distinct personality. Typefaces are no different. Each meticulously crafted type also evokes emotion. For Nu Home Connect, we needed a type combination that felt honest and sincere but also communicated Nu Home Connect’s knowledge and dependability. The rounded slab serif displayed in Recoleta is friendly and inviting while Muli added the needed professionalism to complete the pairing.


A complete visual system.

brand-design-agency real-estate-branding-phoenix real-estate-branding NHC-real-estate-branding real estate-branding-phoenix
Visual Identity System

Two ideas arose when discussing NHC’s value to new home buyers. As it’s namesake suggests, Nu Home Connect is the connection between the buyer and the home of their dreams. The second idea is that a new home is “The Gateway” into their new future. Using the lines from the logo and introducing an added graphic element into the system, we were able to incorporate both of these ideas into the brand’s visual story.



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