Hard Hat Heroes for Phoenix Children's

Hard Hat Heroes for Phoenix Children’s


Formerly known as Big Dig under the American Cancer Society, Hard Hard Heroes is an event organized by Phoenix Children’s to help raise funds for childhood cancer research. On this day, PCH patient families are invited to come to dig in the dirt with “Big Kid” toys and their operators. Sponsored by Phoenix construction companies, this event raises over $300,000 in funds each year. After taking over the event in 2020, Phoenix Children’s needed a new name and brand to realign the event with the PCH brand. We were thrilled to be a part of this incredible cause.

What We Did

Logo Design
Visual Identity
Print & Collateral


Rani Sweis, Creative Director
Hermes Mazali, Art Director

Our Challenge

There are two key audiences for this event. The Sponsors (construction companies) and The Participants (patient families). In order to help Phoenix Children’s raise funds, our mission was to create a dynamic brand identity that promotes healing for Arizona’s children while also sparking joy and wonder for our construction community.

Our approach.

We explored two very distinct creative directions. One from the perspective of the donors and the other from the perspective of the children. We also took into consideration the existing brands; The Big Dig and Phoenix Children’s brand. Ultimately all parties involved chose the direction catering to the kids over the construction community.

phoenix-childrens-rebrand phoenix-childrens-rebrand Phoenix-childrens-rebrand

A symbol of hope.

In our logo design exploration, we strived to create a mark that could incite positive emotions from both audiences. We wanted both big and little kids to see themselves as the heroes of this event. We landed on a mascot logo that we named “Happy”– a dynamic logo designed to be customized with different hats, facial expressions, and more. Scroll down to see some of the beginning explorations of this mark.

PCH Logo design beforePCH Logo design after

Tools for all the heavy lifting.

Organizing, promoting, and running an event is no easy task. In collaboration with the events team at Phoenix Children’s, we were able to identify the most important assets needed to empower the team in pulling off a successful event. We designed a complete visual system to ensure that the new brand was threaded through all these brand touchpoints for consistency and awareness – this included sales collateral, promotional items, merch, signage, a check-in booth, and more.

PCH event-branding

Promo Products

PCH-branding-and-packaging-company PCH-healthcare-branding


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