Employee Benefits International

Employee Benefits International


Shortly after a transfer of ownership, EBI was seeking a brand refresh to breathe new life into its outdated identity. They partnered with AtticSalt to revitalize their brand in a way that highlights their human approach to benefits and assist their ambitious growth strategy.

What We Did

Logo Design, Identity Design, Brand Language, Tagline, Marketing Collateral, Motion Graphics


Rani Sweis, Creative Direction
Hermes Mazali, Art Direction
Emiliano Carbone, Design
Kathy Morgan, Strategy


Growing Pains.

Rapid growth doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. EBI realized it was time to focus on internal operations and systems, but feared losing momentum if they weren’t constantly out selling. They challenged us to build an identity that amplified the company’s core message so that they could devote more time to the business without sacrificing profits.

A fresh new policy.

As part of our brand discovery, we learned that healthcare insurance is a stagnated system manipulated to favor brokers and providers, while the companies that foot the bill are left behind. EBI is a company fueled by a mission to rise above mediocrity to ensure that every employee gets the valuable benefits they deserve, at a price the company can afford to offer. For the AtticSalt team, the pressure was on to deliver an identity and message that captured EBI’s fearless determination to challenge the insurance status quo.

EBI-creative-agency EBI-phoenix-scottsdale-design EBI-phoenix-logo-design

A symbol of change.

Most brokerages favor the few carriers who pay them the most. In contrast, EBI leaves no rock unturned in order to find the perfect benefits solutions for the needs of its clients. Similarly, we designed over a hundred logos until our quest led us to our final destination. The “Benefits Compass” logo symbolizes expert guidance and EBI’s deep commitment to connecting every client to better benefits. The circular assembly also represents global reach–an abstract nod to the globe in the old logo.

Before & After

Benefits you can feel at first glance.

The art direction for our visual identity is inspired by EBI’s willingness to go beyond just providing benefits for their clients and more about the time they spend guiding and connecting each client to a better solution for their specific needs. Their signature color palette is evocative of their compassionate approach to employee benefits. The earthy greens are trustworthy, humble, and gentle. And like fruit on a tree, the red accents draw our eyes to the important things that help nourish us or require our undivided attention.

We selected imagery with gentle warm tones and neutral colors; opting for “real” friendly people working in casual environments and avoiding photography that is overly serious, arrogant, masculine.


A new system for print collateral

insurance-marketing-agency financial-branding-agency insurance-advertising-agency
Print Collateral

Built for greater awareness.

As we do with all of our brands, we gave EBI a signature look that is instantly recognizable throughout all of their assets, even without the presence of their logo. After lots of exploration to merge this new visual system together, we were finally able to connect all the dots.


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