DFDG Architecture

DFDG Architecture


As one of Arizona’s mainstays, DFDG has a sterling, customer-first reputation combined with a decades-long track record that leaves others with no question that they will always do the right thing for their clients. Backed by a 50-year reputation built on dependability and precision, DFDG was charged and ready to redefine the brand language to take them into their next five decades.

What We Did

Identity Design,
Brand Language, Marketing Collateral, Website Design, Motion Graphics, Photography


Rani Sweis, Creative Direction
Hermes Mazali, Art Direction
Emiliano Carbone, Design
Kathy Morgan, Copywriting
Rachel Smak, Lifestyle Photos
Tony Taafe, Headshots


John gives this 5 stars! That’s saying something because John never gives anything 5 stars.


Our challenge.

DFDG has built a strong reputation as the most dependable architecture firm in Phoenix because of their tenure and long list of clients in the public sector. To some, “dependable” may be interpreted as “the safe bet” or “lacking creativity”. And that just didn’t sit well with the transitioning leadership team.

In our immersive workshops together, we discovered that they were just as proud of their creativity as they were of their heritage and reputation. Their work is not only reliable, but the designs are incredibly stunning. They hired our team to help reposition their brand in the market, take control of the narrative, and tell the other half of the story that everyone was missing.

DFDG_Moodboard-Concept1 DFDG_Moodboard-Concept2 DFDG_Moodboard-Concept3

Introducing the DFDG Prism.

What makes DFDG a special architecture partner is that they actively listen and adapt to the very specific needs of each client. The dynamic “DFDG Prism” is a symbol of their keen ability to see things from a different perspective and be flexible enough to tailor their solution to accomplish the goal of each structure.

The custom-crafted DFDG wordmark is meticulously designed on a pixel-perfect grid, which means every aspect of the mark falls precisely on a full pixel and never in between. This represents the precision and expertise of their work. Together, the logo lock-up evokes the dependability AND creativity that their team brings to every single project.


Logo Design_DFDG-Architecture

Building a new foundation.

When a company has been around as long as DFDG, you know that values must run deep within the organization. Success is founded on mission, vision, and values. The primary value that drives them is “Integrity in all things.”

Not just some. ALL. They take responsibility for their actions and always do what they say they’re going to do. In their words, Design Integrity is about making certain that every single aspect of a structure is functional and precisely design. This is why we needed to ensure that we brought that same level of precision and consistency into every single brand touch-point.


A logo designed to adapt to every application.

Primary Single Color
Dynamic Full Color
Secondary Descriptive
DFDG_packaging-design-phoenix DFDG-Business-Card-Design DFDG_Marketing-Collateral-Design
Packaging & Marketing Collateral

Launching the brand new DFDG into the world.

Activation is typically the most challenging piece of a rebrand because there is always so much to do. We prioritized DFDG’s activation points into 3 categories.

  1. Digital activation – DFDG’s new website needed to stand out from the plethora of other architecture firms. We scoured the world wide web and compared our design against thousands of other firms. Our site is loaded with eye capturing animation, custom graphics, and 100% original photography. This beauty is not to be mistaken with any other firm.
  2. Jobsite activation – Fenced in job sites are all over Arizona, and they are littered with dozens of banner signs from builders, financiers, engineers and more. DFDG needed something that stood out in the sea of vinyl wrapped fencing. They asked, we delivered!
  3. Marketing materials – There is nothing “stock” or “standard” about DFDG’s new materials. Die-cut presentation packaging, custom promotional materials, and 32pt card stock that was designed to last.

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