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Crushing On: Fat Llama

It was about a week ago when I came across the most vibrant and alluring Fat Lama. Yes, you read that correctly. Captivated by its bold color and bubbly personality, I immediately had to know more. I’m sure by now you may be wondering the same thing…

What on earth is Fat Llama?

It is a platform that allows people to rent out their belongings. It has been referred to as the “Airbnb of stuff.” The concept is great, but borrowing things from complete strangers online seems a little strange. Then again, I said the same thing about hopping into random cars with strangers and now I ride Uber on the regular.

Fat Lama intrigued me for couple of reasons and none of them had to do with the services they offer. Initially reading the name, Fat Lama made me laugh. What in the heck is this business? And more importantly, what does a llama have to do with it? Is this some sort of llama farm? Maybe they distribute llama food? Bottom line, it had me thinking and wanting to know more. Through my research I couldn’t find the explanation behind the brand name. However, it had already won me over. That is exactly what a great name is meant to accomplish. Successful brand names separate themselves from the rest, completely dominate a category, create engagement with their audience and are unforgettable. I was hooked.

Fat Llama’s brand aesthetics captivated me. The logo demands attention. The name stands firmly in a grotesque sans-serif typeface, colored in a deep navy blue against a hot yellow background – talk about pizazz! Other than the fact that grotesque fonts are the most legible, they often convey a sense of raw character. Pairing this typeface with the fluffy purple and turquoise llama gave this brand an identity to be remembered. Through and through, this brand is more than a look, but a feel.

Brands often drown in the sea of visual noise. Each month approximately 543,000 new businesses enter the marketplace, resulting in a smaller chance for a business to succeed. However, a well executed brand will provide the opportunity to outshine its competitors. We constantly see this in the digital world we live in. While endlessly scrolling through advertisements, it’s rare to want to stop and take a look at one. However, this fat lump of fluff was too irresistible for us to scroll past.

Be a fatty for a couple of minutes and feast your eyes on a job well done.

By Rani Sweis Sep 24, 2018
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