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ChangeX Partners With AtticSalt

Even though we create positive impact for our clients every day I’ve felt a deep calling to go beyond. Our mission has always been to add value to every organization through world-class communication and design. But even that doesn’t feel enough sometimes.

What about the rest of the world? How can we make a difference on people or causes beyond our sphere of business? I’d watch what’s happening in developing countries from the safety and comfort of my own couch and it would make me feel sick to my stomach. A couple of months ago I started holding brainstorming sessions with our team on how we can step up. I also started meditating on it regularly.

And then something magical happened. ChangeX came knocking on our door.

If you don’t know about ChangeX, you should. They’re a young company out of Dublin, Ireland that is making social initiatives more accessible to communities with corporate funding than ever before.

Even though the company is still in “startup mode” they already have a strong network of people actively transforming communities with impactful ideas. Most impressively, ChangeX has worked with 9,000 community teams that have impacted over 300,000 people!

Everyone wins.

The best partnerships are mutually beneficial partnership so we were so thrilled with the impact our team has already made on ChangeX and the communities they serve.

AtticSalt gives our team a superpower. They get who we are and what we are trying to do, and they help us translate our social impact work into an invitation for others to join us.

With AtticSalt, ChangeX has been able to deepen and expand our partnerships. We’ve used our refreshed brand in conversations, helping us grow our partnership to 6 more locations across the UK and US for water conservation, community greening, and recycling projects

We have also expanded our partnership conversations with other Fortune 500 companies and foundations to connect local teams with the best community innovations.

– Erin Boyd, Head of Partnerships, ChangeX

Collaborating with ChangeX has been huge win for our team as well. Not only have we been blessed with the opportunity to work with such an incredible team, but our God-given talents are also indirectly helping to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges such as climate change, isolation, loneliness, obesity or polarization.

We’re looking forward to the continued impact will we make together.

By Rani Sweis Sep 27, 2019
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