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The Story Behind Our Name

Throughout the years that AtticSalt has been in business, we have lost count of how many times people have a[…]

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Building Business Immunity To Covid-19

These are incredibly difficult times, but perhaps because of the pandemic – and because of what week t[…]

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Preparing Your Brand For a Successful Holiday Season

For many businesses, the holiday season is the most profitable time of year. You know how fast the holidays […]

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brand identity, logo design

The Elements of a Perfect Logo

A logo may not be brand in itself but it’s an essential element to your brand. A well-designed logo is[…]

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Are Brands Becoming Too Basic?

When you run a branding studio you have to be comfortable with a few things. People immediately asking you w[…]

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Logos Are a Waste of Time

How does a logo help your brand? Simply put, It doesn’t. Not by itself, at least. A logo without a strong […]

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