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The Story Behind Our Name

We’ve lost count of the number of times people have asked about our name over the years, and oddly enough, we’re proud of that. Our name holds great significance to us and what we stand for. Here’s why.

It has always been our vision to become a leader in brand identity development. When brand naming is one of your business’s primary services, your own name better be up to snuff. We took this opportunity to practice what we preach, treating our own naming process as a case study of its own.

We started by defining what we do and why we do it. With a mission of building disruptive identities for challenger brands, we wanted a name that provoked the same intrigue we create for our clients every day.

We’ve always known that world-class brands are built upon a strong foundation of excellent communication. Static words on a page don’t mean anything, it’s the stories these words tell. Stories prompt deeper connection through shared values and experiences, bringing a dose of humanity to every interaction. The best storytelling answers all the right questions and inspires a few more, which is probably why you’re reading this in the first place.

With that in mind, we worked tirelessly to find a word or phrase that sparked curiosity, embodied our storytelling values, and captured the essence of what we help our clients accomplish. It was a tall order, but we were up for the challenge.

After months of research and a 300-name long list, we started to go a little cross-eyed. We could’ve just put the names on a dartboard to see what stuck, but that didn’t cut it for our strategic brains. We’re glad we persevered – turns out our breakthrough wasn’t far away.

Our expedition led us to Attica, a region of ancient Greece whose people were famously recognized for their innate ability to articulate great stories with charming wit – aka, attic salt. It was as if these proverbs from the past were painting the picture of our agency’s future.

Simply put, the ancient adage translates to, “Sparkling thought, well-expressed.”

Beyond our name, it was important to us that a piece of Attica continued to live on in our visual identity. When we discovered the Attica flag, it was love at first sight. The bold, no-nonsense design made it a natural addition to our logo, representing not only Attica but our own uncompromising values. The plus pays homage to the added value we create for each and every one of our brands.

AtticSalt is not just a name. It’s a belief system. Our identity keeps us inspired to create simple, yet clever solutions for our clients, and to keep asking the right questions.

From the beginning, we’ve created brands that grab people by the eyeballs, massage their minds, and tug at their hearts. The AtticSalt name could not have been more perfect for us, even if it means delivering the occasional history lesson. You could say storytelling is our forte.

That’s AtticSalt’s story. Now let’s write yours.

By Rani Sweis Jun 10, 2021
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