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9 Reasons Why Branding Is Important For B2B Companies

To help B2B companies acknowledge the importance of a strong brand identity, we asked B2B company leaders and CEOs this question for their best insights. From establishing trust and credibility to impacting employee morale, there are several reasons why a B2B company should prioritize building a strong brand identity.


Here are 9 reasons why brand identity is important for B2B companies:

  • Establish Trust and Credibility
  • Reputation Matters More
  • Saves Time in Purchase Decisions
  • The Design Process Reflects On the Company
  • How Consumers View Your Company
  • You Won’t Be Forgotten
  • Positions You in the Saturated Market
  • Establishes Your Quality of Work
  • Impacts Employee Morale

Establish Trust and Credibility

B2B customer journeys are typically longer than in B2C and involve a buying center. That means, that personal relationships are at the center of the purchase process. Customers need to trust the sales rep. A strong B2B brand enhances credibility and provides a trust base.

This is even more true in B2B services. There is no physical product that can be shown as a proof of concept. These companies heavily build on strong branding and credibility to create trust. Another enhancing factor is B2B eCommerce where no sales representative is involved. These buying processes however also need trust. Therefore, B2B branding becomes a vital aspect.

Stephan Wenger, B2B Marketing World

Reputation Matters More  

Strong brand identity is especially important for B2B companies because business clients need to be mindful of their own organization’s reputations. While individual consumers can wave off working with incompetent or unethical companies as a personal bad choice, these associations tend to stick more closely to brands. Giving a B2B company business is often akin to giving an automatic testimonial or seal of approval– look no further than the “brands we’ve worked with” section that appears on most B2B company homepages as proof. Before becoming a client, businesses often want to make sure that they are partnering with a company they would not object to being linked to their own brand.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Saves Time in Purchase Decisions 

Most B2B customers want to validate the quality of the business products or services before buying them. A strong brand often builds trust before the purchase decision is made. It is a way of scaling the communication and being proactive in emphasizing competitive advantages. In turn, it removes the pressure on the sales teams to provide countless references and quality assurances and makes customers confident early on.

Michael Sena, SENACEA

The Design Process Reflects On the Company

Business-to-business markets usually have a ton of competition which is why it is so important to build a strong brand identity. Having a high-quality website with tons of great resources through your blog can help your B2B business stand out from the rest. A sleek and innovative visual design helps to improve brand perception will increase perceived value and help to establish your company as a brand.

Tom Mumford, Undergrads

How Consumers View Your Company

The ONLY way that consumers view your company is through its brand identity. And when it comes down to deciding between you and the competition, it could very well be the deciding factor. We all know that staying visible means everything in this digital age. However, also managing to stay relevant in the process can help make your brand identity even more recognizable.

Lindsay McCormick, Bite

You Won’t Be Forgotten

When a potential client is researching companies for a product or service they require, they may end up browsing through 10 or 20 different websites. Your brand identity is something that can truly set you apart from your competitors, even before that client has really started digging into the details of what you do. If you can resonate with them from the beginning, you stand a much better chance of being remembered as they whittle down their options.

Amanda Napitu, Improving Your English

Positions You in the Saturated Market

Brand identity tells your clients what your business represents. Through branding, you can secure a strong position for your B2B business in the market. That market is often saturated with other similar companies. But once you build and nurture a strong brand identity, the B2B clients will gladly pick you over others.

Salman Aslam, Omnicore

Establishes Your Quality of Work

Having a memorable brand identity is a great way to show the validity and trustworthiness of your business. Other companies want to work with organizations they can put their stamp of approval on. When your brand is strong and easily recognizable, it makes your business look more professional. When companies run into brands that look cheap, quickly thrown together, and inconsistent, they’ll expect their work and services will be the same. When a company shows that they’ve put work into their brand, they show others that they’re willing to put in quality work for them, and can be seen as trustworthy.

Aerin Ogden, QFloors

Impacts Employee Morale

If you have a credible brand identity, your employees are motivated to work harder and aim for bigger targets. This can impact your business growth in many ways because every individual is responsible for representing the organization in front of customers. It reflects how loyal or committed they are towards achieving set goals through their hard work. Furthermore, a strong brand makes it easier to attract top talent seeking better career growth and overall development opportunities.

Chris Thompson, Backdoor Survival

Tell Your Story

Delightful brand identities are no longer limited to the trendy razor subscriptions and celebrity beauty brands of the world. In an increasingly competitive and cluttered digital landscape, a captivating B2B brand is how you show your spark in a sea of “blah”. The right brand identity partner helps you tell your story to transform your product or service from something your consumer needs into something they want. When you’re ready to skip the price wars and attract more raving fans, AtticSalt is here to help.

By Admin Feb 28, 2022
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